What we do


Knowing that success comes from clarity where do you start? What is the best path to fulfilling your objectives? In pre-planning, we look at your current situation, help you define your success factors and engage your community of stakeholders to set a solid foundation for your business. 

operations + Business Strategy

Day to day operations and long term strategy go hand in hand. We can help you write the road map to where you want to go and then put in place the parts, the people and the processes to operationalize the strategies of your road map for the daily managing of the business. 

product development + market readiness

We help you develop and define a product that both fits your objectives and meets the needs of the marketplace. We determine everything from the product or service offering to staffing and pricing, and we manage the implementation of the resources to make it all happen. 

financial reporting 

With our sister company, Riata Partners, we provide financial modeling and preparation services including investment planning and pay-back scenarios, pro-forma revenue forecasting, budgets and the support of book keeping implementation. 

strategic sales and marketing

How do you take your business to market in the best possible way? You can’t afford the time or resources to do everything and that’s where strategic Sales and Marketing fits in. We identify and plan the right opportunities to drive your business.

people and community

We facilitate engagement with local communities, workforce or investors to help you gain their insights and educate them on the project goals and plan. Our experience includes employee and leadership recruitment and selection, customer service training and monitoring of on-site management.